Sex and the Doom Loop

Some food for thought for Doom Loop followers.

The Doom Loop

Evolutionary biologists have established that nearly all couples at some point evolve from “passionate love” to something more mundane which they call “companionate love.” I suppose one could go out on a limb and suggest that the Doom Loop doesn’t apply only to jobs. We can throw sex into the equation as well.

But there may be more science involved where sex is concerned than with career management. Biologically, we are hard-wired to crave variety, and the brain is affected by variety and novelty in much the same way as it is by drugs. Newness and novelty trigger activity that involve the neurotransmitter dopamine, as do pharmacological highs.

So you meet your love, aren’t really “good at” all the intimate interactions, but you really “like it” and you’re motivated and excited. After awhile you really “get good at it,” too! But over time, the lack of newness slows down the…

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