Gallup Poll Shows that Half of US Workers Have Left a Job Because They Hated Their Boss. The Solution? COMMUNICATIONS!

Adam Epstein (@aepstein) is an editorial fellow, covering television, technology, and media for Quartz. He recently posted an article about a Gallup poll showing that half of US workers have left a job because they hated their boss.

Epstein reports that “Gallup surveyed over 7,000 members of the US workforce and found that half of them have left a job at some point in their careers solely because they could no longer put up with their manager. ‘Having a bad manager is often a one-two punch,’ the study said. ‘Employees feel miserable while at work, and that misery follows them home, compounding their stress and putting their well-being in peril.’”
“How can you ensure you’re not that manager who’s causing employees to flee?


Gallup says the key is “engagement.” The glue that holds all relationships together—even and especially between managers and their employees—is communication.”
This is an excellent article and the study is worth a good read.


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