Purdue University Creates Competency-Based Technology Degree

Purdue University sees the wisdom of competency based instruction and has created a technology degree based on COMPETENCIES – not test scores.

As Purdue President Mitch Daniels explains, “This degree enables students to work closely with their faculty mentor to create a personalized plan of study around their explored interests. “It allows the student to learn as fast as they are able to with no barriers, and as deliberately as they need to without penalties. It also shifts the focus from credit hours and grades to demonstrated capabilities. In many cases, it will reduce the time to graduation and, therefore, the cost of a degree.”

Gary Bertoline, dean of the College of Technology, said, “The degree also will benefit the economy now and in the future. Surveys of employers emphasize the need for graduates who are technically competent and also well prepared for the ‘thinking economy. Graduates need to be able to solve complex problems, communicate effectively and think critically.”

Click here to check out the article to see what the trustees approved.

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