The Communications Skill Will Rule the 2020 Elections

The power of the communications skill will rule the 2020 elections..

Logical analysis – careful thinking based on facts – the kind of things that educated people rely on to make day-to-day decisions – will be left in the dust.

Political commentators – not news people – will dominate the discussion. Voters – especially the non-thinking ones – will base their decisions on whatever political commentator or biased news outlet is most effective in communicating the messages that voters WANT to hear – not those that they SHOULD hear. And those messages will most likely be based NOT on fact or careful analysis – but by how persuasive and generally loud they can present their “case.”

That’s the flaw in a democratic republic. Such a form of government requires educated voters to elect the kind of leaders that turn in to statesmen. Sadly – this no longer seems to be the case. (Hope I’m wrong . . . )

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