Using the Critical Skills to Overthrow a Democratic Republic!

Using the Critical Skills to plant the seeds for a government takeover and the ultimate establishment of authoritarian rule is a way to reach this goal.

  • The fundamental skill is the “Production Skill” – the ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. (The use of this skill relies on the effective use of others.)
  • Start with the “Information Skill.” Tell the big lie – and tell it over and over again. Eventually, people will come to believe it – especially if there is some other crisis which will focus attention away from what is happening. (Hitler used economic hardships, the Versailles Treaty, and the weakness of the Weimar Republic . . . . now we have the real and dangerous COVID-19 pandemic to occupy attention.)
  • Use the “Technology Skill” (like Twitter and other social media platforms) to use the “Communications Skill” to spread the words far and wide.
  • Rely on the fact that the “Analysis Skill” depends upon the truth (or perceived truth) of the hypothesis to draw a conclusion. (Remember that a hypothesis that is not true can lead to a conclusion that is either true – or false.)
  • Use the “Interpersonal Skill” – the illusion that whoever is communicating is a devoted and effective member of a team. Threaten politicians with dire consequences to keep them in line.
  • Use the “Time Management Skill” to constantly communicate messages over and over again without mentioning other important issues.
  • Don’t use the “Continued Education Skill.” While Jefferson said that the success of a Democratic Republic depends on educated voters – that is something that a would-be authoritarian would seek to avoid.

*    *    *    *    *

Are we headed down this path? Current evidence of this sort of thing taking place right now appears to be real.

I hope I’m wrong!

Remember that Benjamin Franklin – when asked what kind of government the Founding Fathers created responded with, “A Republic – IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!”

One thought on “Using the Critical Skills to Overthrow a Democratic Republic!

  1. Bob Mhoon

    That was an extremely interesting story Charlie. Will be most interesting to see how trump copes in the real world. I just read that he is trying to sell the D.C. hotel for $500 million. Best offer so far is $250 million. The deal has a provision to leave the Trump name on the facility.

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