Lose Weight by Developing New Skills and Habits with Lee Busch

Yes – losing weight is a process that takes discipline and skill – but keeping it off requires a reprogramming of the brain.

There are many weight loss formulas and diet plans that will enable you to take off the pounds – often at a rapid rate. But once you reach your weight loss goal, your discipline fades away and most likely you have not developed the habits necessary to keep the weight from coming back.

After a while, those nasty pounds come back. For many people, this cycle takes place over and over.

So what do you need to do to keep your weight down?

You need to reprogram your brain.

There are many ways to do this, and one of the best ways that works is explained by Positive Intelligence coach, Lee Busch.

Lee is the head trainer at iDiet and has integrated the principles of Positive Intelligence into the iDiet programs.

The combination of the iDiet programs and Positive Intelligence actually do help you develop new habits – literally either by developing new neuro-pathways in your brain or waking up and energizing unused pathways.

Listen to what Lee Busch has to say in the podcast, “Positive Intelligence in Weight Loss with Lee Busch,” by clicking HERE.

You won’t regret it – and good luck!

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