The INTERPERSONAL skill is not a skill that enables you to “win friends.”

Rather, it is a skill that is best described by how others view you after you have worked with them on the job or in some sort of project.

It is more of a “Teamwork” skill.

It is NOT a “Political” skill or anything that is “fake.”

If you have the “Interpersonal” skill, then after you have worked with others, you have left them with the feeling that you have contributed value to the effort.

In a sense, it “justifies” your compensation.

Those who have the Interpersonal or Teamwork skill know how to give credit where credit is due – and, yes, know how to GET credit when credit is due.

Co-workers WANT to work with someone who has strong Interpersonal or Teamwork skills.

Learn how to become an effective member of a team and demonstrate that knowledge through practice.

GET GOOD AT the “Interpersonal” Skill.

You and your career will benefit greatly.

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