The Production Skill – Still Critical for Your Success! It’s the “Make It Happen” Skill!

he “Production” skill is often referred to as “making it happen.”

Simply put, it is the ability to convert an idea into reality . . . to convert a concept or idea into a product. To hear about the Production Skill, CLICK HERE to go to “It’s All About Skills” for the podcast episode about that skill.

A simple example is a group of high school freshmen having an idea about a float for the homecoming parade – and then creating the float and using it successfully. A more complicated example is the challenge of getting Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait . . . and then, through some massive efforts over time, actually accomplishing that complex task.

The “Production” skill most often involves converting ideas into reality through leadership of other people. Accordingly, the “Leadership” skill, while not one of the “Critical Skills,” is a subset of the “Production” skill. Leadership is often defined as the “art of accomplishing tasks through people.” It’s “production” – pure and simple.

Great ideas often reside in the heads of smart people. The ones who have the “Production” skill can actually turn those ideas into reality.

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The “Communications Skill” Still Rules!!

The Communications Skill still reigns as the #1 Critical Skill. It’s not that the others are unimportant . . . it’s just that the Communications Skill puts them all together so you can actually DO SOMETHING!  If you want the ability to get those great ideas out of your head and into the heads of […]

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The Job Search Challenge with Marty Gilbert

I’m pleased to feature the founder of a highly successful networking group that specializes in connecting you to your next career opportunity – Mr. Marty Gilbert! Specifically, Marty is an EXPERT in the job search process! In 2010, Marty founded the NorthShore Executive Networking Group, and today over 8,000 single contributors, managers, directors, Vice Presidents […]

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