This is a good article that captures why work-based learning actually “Works!” Worth reading and pondering. ~ CCJ


One of the biggest challenges for the transition to the our working future will be learning and developing new skills, whether we are part of one of a mega corporation, or working on our own or in small communities. The question is what is the best way to achieve this?

The traditional process was to attend a course, but the effectiveness of this method has always been very poor. As long ago as 1992 Broad and Newstrom(1) estimated the effectiveness for the transfer of learning from off the job classrooms, back to the work environment as no better than 20%. If we put this together with the estimate that in 2008, UK employers spent £19.46bn(2) on training, then something surely needs to be done.


A 2003 study by Kirkwood and Pangarkar(3) observed:

‘Managers often view training as a separate function from the employees work activity. The negative perception is further…

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