The G.O.P.’s Newest Target: The Common Core Standards

It looks like the G.O.P. is conceding the fight over Obamacare is futile – and it’s time to move on.

It also looks like the next target will be the Common Core Standards . . . already labeled “Obamacore” by some.

It’s ironic that the Common Core Standards were initiated during the Bush administration at the STATE LEVEL by many conservative governors.

Now, however, that they standards are being implemented by a different administration, the same Governors (with the exception of Christie (NJ) and ex-gov Jeb Bush (FL), the initiative is being called an over reach by the Federal Government.

It looks like the conservatives are out to kill another good program – or at least have something new to complain about.

Go figure – it’s all very predictable and so very sad.

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