Something YOUR High School Students Can Do!

Teaching the “Critical Skills” is difficult in a high school setting when the focus is on achieving high standardized test scores.

An interesting project was completed by a team of high school students in Wheaton, IL back in 1993.  This project was a “Field Study” that enabled the student team to establish a community service internship program for two high schools in the community.  The program they created was called “Community Service 2000” (or CS2000 for short).

You can check this out at a new combination website/blog that is currently being set up.  The site is called “High School Service Learning.”

Take a look – it’s a “work in progress” but will be completed soon.

YOUR community can do this at a very low cost – and your students will benefit from the effort.



One thought on “Something YOUR High School Students Can Do!

  1. Jim Williamson


    I recall attending one of your meetings with the Wheaton group; I think they were somewhere in the middle of the effort. I didn’t know that you had migrated it to HSHS through Dave. Congratulations to both of you, but especially you because you started from scratch and idea that had probably being rolling around inside your head for a while. You should feel very proud of yourself!

    If you now spread this concept to an even larger number of schools, I may have to figure out some appropriate national recognition to work on getting for you!

    Jim Williamson

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