High School Field Studies – Up and Running! Check it out!

If you are an educator and want to engage your students at the High School or Community College level with challenging project-based learning, check out High School Field Studies.

These projects are most likely the most challenging exercises that can be experienced by students at the High School level.  They were featured in the US Department of Labor’s document “Teaching the SCANS Competencies.”  They offer students an opportunity to do projects that most individuals to not experience until graduate school after college.  Yet High School students can do them!

There is nothing to “sell” here – just a blueprint which you can use to enrich the educational experience of students with very challenging, yet doable projects.

How to conduct “Field Studies” is described in detail through a description of how one Field Study was conducted by a team of High School students for a Medical Clinic.  Other examples of Field Studies are shown and specific suggestions are made for different Field Studies that can be conducted by a team of students in any High School in the United States.

So ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE – go to the site – find out what Field Studies are all about – field a team of students – and get to work!


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