Talent: America’s Most Challenging Cybersecurity Threat

Gary Beach writes in the Wall Street Journal (CIO Journal) about the risk this nation faces as a result of current and future shortcomings in skills.  The article has the title, “Talent: America’s Most Challenging Cybersecurity Threat.”

The skills he refers to are cyber skills – and that the US is not keeping pace with the rest of the world (particularly China) in science and math. Moreover, he paints the gloomy picture that the problem may not be solved through a vast improvement in our educational system – but may be exacerbated merely by the fact that China simply has more people. To illustrate his point, he points out some more bad news: “But more is needed. A recent Accenture white paper underscores the reality of that 2020 scenario only too well. It claims only 13% (234,000) of U.S. undergraduates earn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degrees each year. In China, 40% (2,800,000) do. That is one heck of a skills gap facing the United States.”

As you contemplate programs that are designed to strengthen our educational system, read Gary Beach’s article. It might convince you that some focus on the problem is sorely needed.


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