Lominger Competencies Are Useful and Can Be Helpful to Individuals and Organizations

An interesting and effective system of identifying competencies that are necessary in all types of jobs – generally management – is called “Lominger Competency.”

Lominger Competency is described as “an integrated system of highly effective talent management solution. It is flexible, customizable, user friendly for any company willing to adopt this system for integrating with their own leadership system.”

According to organizations that utilize the Lominger Competency system, the system “addresses three basic leadership and talent management needs – strategic and organizational alignment, leadership and executive development, and talent and performance management in order to create long-term human capital competitive advantage.”

A wide variety of organizations offer products and seminars to assist individuals and companies develop skill sets that are essential for success. These organizations range from general training business to executive recruiters.  The range of products and services known as the Leadership Architect Suite offers 67 competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, and 7 Global Focus Area as a path for success.

Lominger Competencies are not “core competencies” – UNLESS such competencies are developed exclusively for organizations whose skill sets differentiate the organizations from competitors and make them unique.

They are highly useful for individuals to discover and document their own sets of skills and competencies when seeking new positions and ways to put some meat on the bones of their resumes.

Check them out. You can simply “Google” Lominger Competency to find many links to organizations who might assist you in developing either your own personal skill set or those for your organization.


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