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The eighth (and often overlooked) Critical Skill is Continuous Education.
We live in an ever-changing world where significant and fast-paced developments in technology, world wide competition and demands for work place know how require us to adapt to these challenges simply in order to survive.
The Continuous Education skill is the ability to constantly learn new techniques, master changing technologies, keep up with changes in an industry, and the like.
Even if one’s goal is modest, such as just staying employed, continuous education and learning new skills and techniques are mandatory. How one accomplishes the challenge of continuous education is a matter of many choices – examples are reading textbooks, focused magazines, online courses such as (which I use frequently), self-help books, technical manuals, attending seminars, or using a career coach.
An excellent resource for continuous education is to follow the advice of career coach and life long learner, John Chancellor. As you read on his website, “Teach the Soul,” he states the following:

“Are you getting all you want out of life?”

“Have you tried self-help books? Attended lots of seminars? Listened to so many inspirational CDs that you can’t remember them all?”

“The truth is, it’s the simple, day-to-day things you do that create a satisfying, successful life.”

“A successful life is nothing more than a series of successful days that build into weeks, months and then years. But it starts by making simple changes in your daily activities. Teach the Soul is dedicated to teaching you simple lessons that will have a profound impact on your life.”
John provides periodic (weekly and bi-weekly) lessons which are interesting, provocative, and worthwhile for the busy individual who struggles to find time for continuous learning.
Check out his website and sign up for his newsletter.

You will benefit from what John has to offer.

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