Using the Critical Skills to Stay Relevant as an Ex-President!

How does an ex-president stay relevant?

That’s a pretty tall task when the power of the bully pulpit is taken away. The “production skill” – making thing happen – comes into play.

Ex-presidents are generally quiet and let a new administration go ahead with the business of running the country. In this case, however, that might be a problem.

The current president has his “brand” – it’s “President Trump.” It’s a powerful brand, to be sure, but if one tacks on “ex” in front of president, it’s like turning the volume down or maybe even off. That’s because ex-presidents don’t command the media attention as the one holding the office.

But this will be the first time that an ex-president has the power to instantly communicate with millions of devoted followers – albeit within the limits of 280 characters – up from the previous 140.

The ex-president has shown the skill of making considerable noise with 140 characters, and there is no doubt that the increased size of a tweet can amplify his message.

So the ex-president will use the “technology skill” (Twitter) and perhaps use rallies to generate in-person enthusiasm (the “communications skill”) with followers who decide not to maintain a safe social distance or even wear a mask. He might even start a new cable television network and be a frequent host on existing sympathetic talk shows.

There is little doubt, however, that he will make little or no use of truth in the “Information skill” and will be completely inept in the use of the “Analysis skill.”

It will be a challenge – we shall see how successful it is.

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