The “Communications” Skill

The “Communications” skill is simply the ability of an individual to get ideas out of his/her head and into the heads of others; similarly, it is the skill an individual needs to absorb the ideas communicated by others into their own heads.

Simply put, the “Communications” skill is the ability to read, write, listen and speak.

Curiously, the “Communications” skill does not depend on the validity of what is communicated. That can be either pure truth or pure garbage. This might explain why some people who are not so bright but are effective communicators of bad ideas make good politicians! And it might explain why some very bright people with brilliant ideas go virtually nowhere because those ideas have no way of getting out of their heads and into the heads of people who matter.

From the findings of the Critical Skills study, the “Communications” skill was by far the most important skill an individual can master.

Here’s a tip: GET GOOD AT THE COMMUNICATIONS SKILL! It will serve you well throughout your career and your life!

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