The “Information” Skill

The “Information” skill is simply the ability to gather and sort relevant information pertaining to a particular problem to be solved or issue to be resolved.

It is much like what a physician does when doing various tests to assist in a diagnosis of an individual’s illness, what an attorney does in gathering evidence in preparing a case for trial, or what a reporter does in gathering information in preparation for writing a story or article.

Before the development of the internet, the “Information” skill required tedious research in libraries – but since then, the information gathering power available at anyone’s fingertips (don’t always trust Wikipedia), offers meticulous research abilities simply by sitting in front of a computer monitor and smartly searching the web.

The “Information” skill also includes the ability to distinguish between “fact” and “fiction,” i.e,. what information is true and what information is relevant. The challenge in information gathering not only consists of these things, but also the ability to determine when one has enough information to develop logical “findings” from that information.

The “Information” skill gives one the preparatory ability to begin the analysis process, which, by itself, is another of the “Critical Skills.”

As an example of historical interest (and I do not mean to offend the profoundly religious) occurred when Thomas Jefferson was in the White House.  To solidify his religious beliefs, he took a pair of scissors and cut out from the Gospels those things that he did not believe and created from what was left The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth – commonly known as The Jefferson Bible (available on In his own words, he separated “ . . the diamonds from the dunghill.”

Here’s a tip: GET GOOD AT THE INFORMATION SKILL! It will serve you well in your career as well as your life.

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