Communications skills are the number one skill area that our research identified. They include:

  • Getting your ideas OUT of your head and into someone else’s head by
  1. Effective speaking
  2. Effective writing
  • Getting someone else’s ideas INTO your head by
  1. Effective listening
  2. Effective reading

All too often, a very bright individual has insightful and clever ideas, but those ideas remain locked inside his/her head and are unable to escape. Despite the quality of the ideas, the individual is powerless to share them with others.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Communications skills are fundamental and easy to learn.

There are many resources for you to learn and practice your communications skills; and the result of your learning and practicing will make you far more effective not only in your job but in daily life.

Here are six links that can offer you some help:

One tip that I learned long ago from a small book entitled (I think) “Say A Few Words.” The tip was about public speaking and each of the letters of those four words meant something that I always remembered:

  • S – START with your idea;
  • A – ACCENTUATE your idea (say why it is important);
  • F – FOR INSTANCE your idea (give some examples);

It’s a simple, effective, and an excellent tip.

Learn, practice, and start communicating!  It will pay off for you!

Give it a try!



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