When Giving A Speech – “Say A Few Words” (a “Communications Tip” . . . )

This is a helpful “Communications” tip that I learned several years ago.  It concerns the challenge you face when called upon to speak extemporaneously.

It’s a “blueprint,” of sorts – something easy to remember when you’re gathering your thoughts about what you are going to say.

Then it leads you through your talk effortlessly.

The tip is to “Say A Few Words.”

It’s an easy way to remember an anagram . . . . “S A F W” . . . the first letter in each of the words.

The blueprint is:

  • S – START with your idea.   Tell your audience your idea.
  • A – ACCENTUATE your idea.   Tell your audience WHY your idea is important.
  • F – FOR INSTANCE your idea.   Give a couple of examples of your idea.
  • W – WIND UP with your idea.   Tell your audience again what your idea is.

While not completely foolproof in every single circumstance when you are called upon to speak, it certainly can help you organize your thoughts in a hurry; and, obviously, it also is a good formula to use when you have time to actually prepare a speech.

Think about it . . . and give it a try.

You will strengthen your “Communications” skills.




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