What Skills Are Essential In The 21st Century?

The “Critical Skills” were derived from research conducted in the 1990’s, but are timeless in their relevance to the sorts of skills and competencies needed in the twenty first century.

You may be interested in a blog that focuses entirely on the teaching of such skills as well as assessment methods for measuring levels of competency which, as you most likely know, are not measured by standardized testing.

This blog is called “A Ship At Sea” and displays a twenty first century competency model which closely mirrors the “Critical Skills.” The model used is as follows:

21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills

To verify the authenticity of such skills shown in the model as well as the authenticity of the “Critical Skills,” the “A Ship At Sea” author (Jon David Groff) lists the following which are easily accessed:

Check them out, think about them, and share with us as well as with readers of “A Ship At Sea” your thoughts.


Please feel free to leave a comment and share your views!

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