Hiring Mistakes – Is the “Best” Candidate the One Who Is “Good At” Most of the Hiring Criteria??

A mistake headhunters and hiring managers often make is that they think the candidate who is “Good At” most of the hiring criteria is the “Best” candidate.

Not so fast!

Put in “Doom Loop” terms, a candidate who might be high up on the “Doom Loop” (upper Q2 and perhaps entering Q3) is certainly “Good At” the hiring criteria, but if this is the case, then you would be wise to dig deeply into the reasons why he/she might be considering what could be a lateral move.

An individual who takes a job that puts him/her near the top of a “Doom Loop” will be happy and satisfied – for about four months until he/she gets used to the new environment, new commute, new colleagues, etc.  Then he/she generally realizes that he/she is now on top of another “Doom Loop” – but this time at a little higher compensation.

That is called the “anesthetic value of compensation.”

Employers and headhunters are often very critical in their assessment of individuals who are out of a job because of being laid off, fired, etc.  It seems natural to them that they should be extra stringent to ensure that the individual is “Good At” everything.

This is a often a mistake because they would be hiring someone near or at the top of a “Doom Loop.”

The “Best” candidate is generally that individual who is in lower Q2 and perhaps in a combination Q1/Q2 area.  Here an individual certainly enjoys the kind of work that presents itself, and he/she has an opportunity to learn and “Get Good At” those tasks, etc., that will be assigned.  A combination Q1/Q2 individual is motivated, challenged – and enjoys the work.

Think about it.

Don’t hire someone who will be on top of a “Doom Loop.”

And if you are looking at a new job, be VERY careful before you accept the position if it puts you on top of a “Doom Loop.”

You WON’T be sorry!


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