Building Collaborative Partnerships: A Unique Skill Set (by Craig Holloman)

Craig Holloman offers a more in depth description of and need for the “interpersonal skill.” I recommend his blog to others.

X...Marking Your Spot

collaborationIn this day and age, forming a partnership (whether formal or informal) between multiple entities toward a specific cause or goal is pretty much the norm.  It’s easier and more efficient to conduct collaborative efforts that will maximize resources of an organization and/or a community to accomplish specific objectives.  Most times, this collaboration should result in significant cost-savings, as well as an improved sense of teamwork stemming from bringing various groups together for a common cause. Due to ongoing budget cuts and funding restraints, it just makes sense to bond together with other similar entities that can move you forward in marking your spot and being successful in the implementation of new ideas and processes.

However, in my experience working with and trying to lead a group of partners toward a common goal is often very frustrating and challenging due to conflicting policies, different motives, misaligned performance goals, and a whole…

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