Use the “Doom Loop Language!”

Reblogged from The Doom Loop Blog. Useful shorthand for visualizing a career situation.

The Doom Loop

The “Doom Loop” is just a shorthand visual method of determining what might be affecting you at various times in your career such as the six “career crises” discussed.

Rather than entering into a long discussion about how you might feel at a particular moment, you can simply use the shorthand language to “say it all” in one simple sentence.  For example:

“I’m going Q3!”   What this means is that you have been in a particular job for awhile, have basically learned the skills and nature of the tasks that you have to do, and now you are beginning to have feelings of frustration and/or boredom.  This does NOT necessarily mean that you are “doomed” in that particular job – because other factors may be the cause of this feeling.  However, it MIGHT mean that the “Doom Loop” effects are starting to take hold.

“That job looks like…

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