Using Technology to Stay Informed – Confidentially!

Some professionals shy away from social media because of confidentiality issues, but they still want to be kept informed about activities and trends in their professions. If this is you, use TECHNOLOGY!

You can use Twitter.

It’s EASY! And it’s a direct application of the “technology” skill.

All you have to do is to set up a Twitter account using a pseudonym (I won’t call it a fake name).

Don’t “Follow” anyone – but you can set up a “List” and keep it private.

Select those organizations you want to follow confidentially and put them in your list. Whenever they post something relevant to your profession, you can easily see it and be kept immediately informed about what is going on.

You do not need to create any “tweets” or even let anyone know you are monitoring the “tweets” of the organizations in which you are interested – you can simply log on to Twitter, select your list, and read the latest information.

It’s a direct application of the “technology skill” and it just might be useful for you!

Think about it!




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