Progress On Career Readiness Programs in High Schools!

According to a recent article in Education Week, steps are being taken by school systems around the country to inject career readiness programs into the academic curriculum.

The focus is on enabling students to experience the “career world” – NOT to steer them into any particular career.

The article highlights the efforts in a school system in Wheeling, IL, but similar efforts are being made in other states.

The model upon which the programs are built comes from an influential 2011 report issued by the Harvard Graduate School of Education also helped catalyze some of the new activity. It contended the “college for all” push has not served some students, and since its appearance, eight states have committed to setting up high-quality pathways, in partnerships with Harvard and Jobs For the Future, a Boston-based nonprofit group. Pathways_to_Prosperity_Feb2011

Regarding the teaching of “Critical Skills,” this is encouraging news!


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