Managing Work-Based Learning Programs to teach “Critical Skills”

During the “School-to-Work” days, a program called Coop2000 was used by many school systems to manage their work-based learning programs.

Coop2000   Just click on “Powerpoint Presentation” to view slideshow.

The system enabled schools to:

  • “Connect” work-based activities to the SCANS Foundation Skills and Competencies (Teaching the SCANS Competencies),
  • Create work-based learning agreements,
  • Create authentic assessment documents,
  • Manage multiple work-based learning programs such as internships, job shadowing, etc.,
  • Manage multiple school system programs.

An online demonstration version is available for viewing – if that is something in which you might be interested, contact us.

The program has been updated to include the “critical skills” instead of the SCANS skills and competencies.


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