What People Are Saying About WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed

Today, it’s harder than ever to compete in a more competitive job market.  It’s harder to get ahead, and it’s harder to keep up with rapidly changing technology.  So what is the secret to success in our careers?  How do we or out children become productive and thriving citizens in a modern democratic society?  Here is what some notable people are saying about WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed.

“Charles Jett’s WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed, along with the SCANS reports, should be required reading at the White House and the Departments of Education and Labor.  Top brass should be tested to show that they understand how schools, colleges, and training programs can prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning.  And voters should hold them responsible for ‘making it happen;’ one of the eight critical skills.” – Dr. Arnold Packer, Executive Director, The Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS)

“If you are a managerial wanna be, a CEO, a graduating student, a parent, an evaluator of talent, or an instructor you will benefit from reading this excellent book.  The eight critical skills described therein have broad application to personal behavior, as well as career and professional success.  In all walks of life, whether you are an individual contributor, team member, or team leader you will need this package of critical skills.  Read on!”– Frederick W. Wackerle, author, “The Right CEO”  (Jossey-Bass)

“This book takes dead aim at the kinds of skills aspiring executives need to get ahead in the corporate world and hits the bulls eye.  A must read!” – Theodore Dysart, Vice Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles

“Any senior executive would be well served to take note of Charles Jett’s WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need to Succeed.  The ability to identify, order, recruit for, train and develop the critical skills common to successful people in your organization is a key to significant competitive advantage.” – Richard L. Keyser, Former Chairman and CEO, W.W. Grainger, Inc.

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