Free Community College? Do You Want Education or Remediation?

Karen Nussle, Executive Director of the Collaborative for Student Success, wrote an excellent letter to the editor of the Miami Hearld titled “The High Cost of Remediation” about the President’s proposal to provide free community college tuition.

Her letter, with which I agree, points out that while the idea is well-intentioned, in effect, it would pay community colleges to provide remedial education for high school students who did not learn critical skills or even the basic fundamentals of communications, math and science.  She points out that the cost of implementing the Common Core is projected to be approximately $2 Billion while the cost of the free community college program will be approximately $20 Billion.

Her argument is that it would be less expensive, more appropriate, and most likely more effective to put the focus on improving high school education than to subsidize community colleges to teach students what they should have learned in high school.

Excellent point; and a reason to support the Common Core initiative.

Check it out, and become more familiar with the FACTS (not the myths) of the Common Core.


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