Is Your First Grader College Ready?

“It’s someplace you go to get your career,” says an elementary school student.

The Sunday, February 8 edition of the New York Times has an interesting article about parents prepping their elementary school children for college. The article, “Is Your First Grader College Ready?” written by Laura Pappano, an award-winning journalist and active community leader. She is the author of Inside School Turnarounds (2010), co-author of Playing With the Boys (2008), and author of The Connection Gap (2001). Laura is a frequent contributor to The New York Times Education Life section and The Harvard Education Letter.

Ms Pappano’s article describes the efforts to increase awareness among very young children about college – what it is and what it can do for them. The article goes on to describe programs that many colleges and universities have to introduce children to the basics of college life with the goal to enable children to picture themselves on campus.

There are pros and cons about this – but the article is excellent and deserves a good read.

Check it out.


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