Like Hot Potatoes? Try The Common Core. Bobby Jindal Is The Flip Flop Poster Boy!

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and 2016 Presidential hopeful, “loved ‘em before he hated ‘em!”

We’re talking about the Common Core Standards which have been a subject of debate and now are emerging as a hot potato for any individual who is seeking the approval of the conservative right wing for a Presidential bid.

We’re NOT saying that the Common Core Standards are either good or evil; we’re just watching with amusement someone who, at least to us, appears to be a “master panderer” dealing with his personal ambitions first – and the needs of the education of kids second.

The Washington Post recently ran an editorial – Bobby Jindal’s Common Core Reversal – on how the articulate governor justified his flip flop. As the article put it, “What’s clearer is that Mr. Jindal’s about-face says more about him than about any deficiency in the standards.”

This is not unique to Governor Jindal. There is an abundance of arguments against implementing the Common Core – such as:

1) the difficulties teachers will have in learning how to teach to the Common Core Standards, and

2) the difficulty in creating assessments to measure student learning.

The assessment challenge is particularly interesting and has potential benefits; for if the test makers are successful in creating assessments that measure student academic learning rather than school performance – a critical difference – then maybe we have a hope of improving the educational system in this country.

Don’t climb on any bandwagon yet.

The intent of the Common Core Standards is good, the entire effort was state initiated – NOT some “mandate” from the Federal Government. Use your critical skills of “information” (making sure of the information you have is correct and not some politician’s position) and your “analysis” skill (developing findings and conclusions from accurate information).

Remember that if the information you are considering is not true – you will be led to whatever conclusion either you or any politician wants you to have.

Think about it.


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