Maybe Jeb Bush Has It Right! Focus On The PROBLEM – NOT THE PROGRAM!

Jeb Bush: Not Running From Common Core, But Not Saying It Either – so says Zeke J. Miller who penned an excellent article on February 10 in TIME NETWORK.

The article suggests that presidential hopeful, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, is doing something that we think is not only good policy – but good politics!

He appears to recognize that he is in the midst of a potential firestorm about education and the Common Core Standards – and appears to be taking the high road of focusing on the PROBLEM of education reform rather than opposition or advocacy of a single PROGRAM.

We think this is smart, and applaud Governor Bush for his approach. Well done, Governor Bush!

Over the next few months, presidential hopefuls will be going into Iowa – some with a loud pandering fanfare and some with lower key but thoughtful perspective.

We hope the people in Iowa can tell the difference.


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