Does The Communications Skill Trump Reason?

Libby Nelson writes in Vox about the misconceptions people have over the Common Core Standards.

Nelson writes in her article, The more people say they know about the Common Core, the less they actually do, “A new poll from PublicMind at Fairleigh Dickinson University found that just 17 percent of Americans approve of Common Core and 40 percent disapprove — and 42 percent still haven’t made up their minds. Paradoxically, the more people have heard about Common Core, the more likely they are to misunderstand what the standards are actually about.”

Go figure!  The more people know about the Common Core Standards, the less they understand.

Sounds like a communications problem to me – or, more likely, the effectiveness of opponents of the Common Core is a result of strong communications – not fact.

Sound familiar??

Strong communications skills can trump analysis even when the logical arguments are clear.

Think about it.


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