“Future Proof” Students With The Relevant Skills

“Future Proof” is a nice choice of words for meeting the challenges facing students over the coming decades.

The Singapore Independent describes the effort in Singapore to “Future Proof” students.

“We must become a meritocracy of skills, not a hierarchy of grades earned early in life,” said Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Finance.

According to an article in The Independent (Singapore), “Learning and Continuing Education and Training (CET) are major themes of the Singapore Budget 2015.  In fact, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) unveiled the CET Masterplan 2020 in September 2014 with the intents to restructure the economy and build a career-resilient workforce.”

The Singapore government has allocated funds to provide students with opportunities to learn relevant skills beyond those taught in schools . . . in effect, the government has a “Critical Skills” budget.

All Republicans and Democrats would benefit by reading this short article and thinking about what the Singapore government is doing for its students.  “One needs to look beyond education for mere qualification sake and invest in learning for relevant and mission-critical skills.”

Enough said.  Read the article and do some of your own thinking.


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