The Marriage of Communications and Technology – Changing The Discourse In American Politics

No better example of how communications and technology have joined at the hip to influence American politics is the evolution of Twitter in the political debate.

In a sense, this social media giant is changing the discourse in American politics that produces and sustains policy.

In fact, Valerie Stauss, @valariestrauss, writes an excellent article in The Washington Post about this developing phenomenon.

She points to a detailed description of how Twitter has worked in the debate about the Common Core and points us to a fascinating website called #commoncore.

Not only does Ms. Strauss’s article explain the essentials of how Twitter has influenced the Common Core debate, the website shows how Twitter actually works in a global sense.

The article and the website give us a hint of how communications and technology are evolving to raise the voice level of every individual, affect the influence of those who become most active using the social media technology, and ultimately sway overall public opinion.

Read her article – and spend some time on the website.


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