The Common Core – and Those Inconvenient Truths

Anne Kim writes an excellent article in the March 4 edition of the Detroit News about how the Common Core seems to be prevailing – that, as she states, “facts prevail when it comes to Common Core standards.”

There is no question that opponents of the Common Core standards have been successful in making the words, “Common Core,” a hot political potato – even though the concept of the standards remains solid. As she states, “The Common Core remains intact because it’s good policy. In a political landscape littered with the victims of ideological warfare, this is one battle where common sense is prevailing over demagoguery.”

It would seem that those who advocate improvement in education would welcome higher standards in math and the language arts; it also seems that those who oppose standards developed top down from the Federal government would support standards initiated by the states – as is the case of the Common Core; it would seem that virtually anyone who lives in an ever increasing complicated world would welcome the teaching of critical thinking – but, alas, critical thinking is something that those who seek simple solutions for complex problems or those who base their critical thinking on faith rather than fact strongly oppose.

Think about it.


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