From BCG and The World Economic Forum: The World’s Students Lack Twenty-First-Century Skills, but Education Technology Can Help Close the Gap

Market Wired has an excellent posting about the crucial need for students world-wide to learn the Critical Skills.

This posting, actually a report prepared by one of the world’s top consulting firms, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in collaboration with The World Economic Forum , , “shows how education technology is being used to strengthen twenty-first-century skills around the world.”

This is particularly true in the United States where, if we seek to maintain our competitive position in the world, resistance to overhauling academic content standards and stress such skills as critical thinking, communications, literacy, etc., should be overcome.

The BCG report focuses on the positive impact of technology in the teaching and learning process. As stated in the posting, “The report aimed to understand how education technology can help address critical skills gaps as one tool in a portfolio of approaches. On the basis of the research results and interviews with dozens of experts, the report discusses a number of representative resources and tools, including personalized and adaptive content and curricula, open educational resources, and digital professional-development resources for teachers. The report further examines how some of these tools are being deployed in three school networks from different parts of the world: Bridge International Academies in Kenya, Innova Schools in Peru, and Summit Public Schools in the U.S.”

This posting – AND the BCG report are worth reading. Educators, politicians, parents and students should take heed.


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