Federalist Papers – Essay #11

Go Navy!

In Essay #11, Alexander Hamilton argues the benefits of a strong union for American commerce and the defense of the nation by having a strong Navy.

Put simply, Hamilton suggests that by pooling its resources as one nation, America could resist predatory behavior of European maritime powers and secure better commercial terms for American businesses. This essay is particularly poignant for a New York audience because of the state’s financial interests.

Credit for the summary and analysis of Essay #11 goes to Brittany Nelson and Christopher Higgins (second revision 09/15/2011). Weinbloom, Elizabeth ed. “The Federalist Papers Essay 11 Summary and Analysis”. GradeSaver, 30 December 2011 Web. 17 January 2019.

You can read the summary and analysis by clicking HERE.

You can access the entire essay by clicking HERE.

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