Sowing Disruptive Seeds – – Communicating Trash to Populate False Information to Draw Desired Conclusions!

What if someone wants his supporters to draw the conclusion that the election of another to high office is illegitimate.

How should he proceed using the “Critical Skills?”

I suppose he could do the following:

  • Initiate lawsuits (legitimate or otherwise) challenging some part of the electoral process for inaccuracies, fraud, or whatever. It makes no difference if the lawsuit is thrown out (as 100% of them are) . . . all that is needed is to say (truthfully) that the lawsuit has been filed. This is use of the “production skill” – making something happen – even though you haven’t really made anything happen . . . there is only the illusion of something happening. Ignore the fact that the lawsuit is thrown out for lack of merit.
  • Claim over and over and over on Twitter you won the election. You’re using a powerful “technology skill”l to use the “communications skill.” It makes no difference if you did or did not . . . . just say over and over that you did! Sooner or later, you devoted followers will believe because that’s what they want to hear.
  • Fill their brains with information that you know they want to hear and from which they can draw the conclusion you desire.
  • It will be easy for them to use the “analysis skill” and draw the conclusion you want – mainly because the information you gave them isn’t true (it will lead them to whatever conclusion you want them to have), they don’t want to do any critical thinking (it’s hard to do) and, besides, you are giving them the conclusion you want anyway.
  • While you might not get anywhere in overthrowing a valid election, you can sow seeds of distrust in the democratic electoral process – even though there is absolutely no real evidence of fraud. You can make it difficult for the real winner to govern . . . . and isn’t that what you want?

These are the perils we face these days when someone who places his personal ambition above the best interests of the United States of America. This is precisely what the Founding Fathers warned us against.

Don’t you think it’s time to listen?

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