The Doom Loop Download

Here’s a link to “The Doom Loop” where you can download the book in PDF format

A recent Gallup Poll reports that approximately 71% of the American workforce is frustrated and/or bored on the job. This affects the overall productivity of the US economy – and one might wonder, “Why??

The Doom Loop provides some insight into this natural phenomenon and can serve as a simple and elegant little tool to help someone who might be bored/frustrated on the job to make good tactical career decisions as well as to anticipate various career crises.

It may seem simple at first – but don’t let that fool you for a moment. It’s based solidly on mathematical principles (differential calculus).

Check it out – look over the descriptions of the various career crises in the book, and give it some careful thought before drawing any conclusions. And have fun.

Click HERE to go to the download.

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