The “Pleaser” – the Saboteur That Makes You Do Things for Others – Often at Your Own Expense

The Pleaser indirectly tries to gain acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing, rescuing, or flattering others. Loses sight of own needs and can become resentful as a result.

  • The Pleaser tries to earn attention and acceptance through helping others.
  • This is an indirect attempt to have one’s emotional needs met.
  • It is fed by two original assumptions that are picked up in childhood:
    1. I must put others’ needs ahead of my own.
    2. I must give love and affection to get any back. I must earn it and am not simply worthy of it.

Angie Alexander is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Professional Engineer with over 20-years of oil & gas experience. While she enjoyed the technical work of engineering, she was often brought in to facilitate team meetings. She soon became the “go to” person to assist multi-discipline teams to unravel and solve complex technical & business problems.

This passion for unlocking the potential in people led me to launch her business as an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant.

Through her corporate workshops, Mental Fitness Bootcamp, and coaching programs, she has been equipping executives, professionals, and technical teams to rise above their circumstances, grow their Positive Intelligence “muscle”, and bring their best selves to work.

You can listen to the discussion about the Pleaser by clicking HERE.

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