Do You Like Political Hot Potatoes? Here’s An Exercise.

Education will be a prime target and punching bag for 2016 Presidential hopefuls – particularly in the GOP primaries. Dr. Susan Berry writes a good article for the Breitbart Network News titled  Common Core ‘Poised to Play a Big Role’ in GOP Primary. She points out that the focus is the Common Core – a political hot potato for those who aspire to win the hearts and minds of conservative voters. Some who were for the Common Core and are now against it; some who are for the Common Core put on their dancing shoes and tap dance around the issue. When you listen to any of these or other politicians talk about the common core, do the following:

  • Examine closely the information and “facts” upon which they base their conclusions.  Are those facts true?
  • Determine if they are starting with their conclusions and then are cherry picking “facts” (true or untrue).
  • Remember that if their “facts” aren’t true and are based on political ideology or myths, then the conclusions they draw are simply nonsense.

This is a direct application of the Information and Analysis skills – AND the Communications skill. Such an exercise might serve you better than to simply nod your head and buy into whatever they articulate.  Most of the politicians have excellent communication skills and can persuade people to believe most anything – unless, of course, you examine their premises and conclusions carefully. Think about it.  And draw your own conclusions. ~ CCJ

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