Keeping the Brain Engaged – A Successful Communications Strategy

This is a simple example of the Communications Skill applied to Presidential elections. It is not intended to favor one side or the other – but merely to demonstrate that certain communications techniques work – and some don’t.

This deals with keeping the brain engaged.

According to a study that monitored brain activity while participants watched 40 minutes of political ads and debate clips from presidential candidates – the principal finding being that Donald Trump is unique in his ability to keep the brain engaged.

Others could only hold attention for so long, Trump kept both attention and emotional arousal high throughout the viewing session. This pattern of activity was seen even when Trump made remarks that individuals didn’t necessarily agree with or were patently false. His showmanship and simple messages clearly resonate at a visceral level – and content doesn’t seem to matter.  

Essentially, the loyalty of Trump supporters may in part be explained by America’s addiction with entertainment and reality TV. To some, it doesn’t matter what Trump actually says because he’s so amusing to watch. With Donald, you are always left wondering what outrageous thing he is going to say or do next. He keeps us on the edge of our seat, and for that reason, some Trump supporters will forgive anything he says. They are happy as long as they are kept entertained.  

Of course these explanations do not apply to all Trump supporters. In fact, some are likely intelligent people who know better, but are supporting Trump to be rebellious or to introduce chaos into the system. They may have such distaste for the establishment that their actions are but flipping a symbolic middle finger directed at Washington.

So what can be done to change the minds of Trump loyalists?

There may be nothing. The overwhelming majority of these people may be beyond reach, at least in the short term.

The best solution for those who favor someone else is to motivate everyone else to get out to the booths and check the box for someone else.

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