Logic for Idiots


P implies Q means that from your hypothesis or premise (P) you draw a conclusion (Q).

If P is true, then your conclusion will most likely be true because it isn’t based on bullshit.

If P is not true, i.e,. it’s a lie or bullshit, then your conclusion can be anything you want – true or untrue. Your conclusion is meaningless.

Your hypothesis or premise (P) has to be based on truth, evidence, and hard facts before it can be reliable to give you a conclusion (Q) that is true.

If your hypothesis or premise (P) is based on a lie, an “alternative fact,” a funny “meme”/cartoon, or “faith,” then your conclusion (Q) will be true or untrue – or simply whatever you want. Your conclusion – however derived under such circumstances – is totally irrelevant and not worthy of the critical thinking process.

Put simply, and to repeat once again, if your hypothesis or premise (P) is NOT TRUE, then your conclusion will be BULLSHIT.

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