Why Am I Doing This??

Some may be wondering why I’m taking the time to post summaries and analyses of the Federalist Papers.

The reason is very simple – and it is NOT “political.”

These papers represent the clear thinking of three of our Founding Fathers to support ratification of the Constitution of the United States as opposed to a loose confederation as set up in the Articles of Confederation.

Any citizen should know what was in the minds of these thoughtful individuals, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, when they argued in support of ratification to the citizens of New York.

The papers give a clear history of why the Constitution is what it is and why we have the country that has been so successful for the past 230+ years. They should give you reasons why you took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution – no matter what your current political persuasion might be.

I have tried to make the summaries simple – but have provided links to more complete summaries and analyses as well as links to each of the essays themselves.

I hope you take the time to at least read the short summaries that I have provided – and hope even more that you take the time to dig into each one in greater depth.

There are a few that are “biggies” – that is, they cover areas that are of concern even today – especially with the dramatic partisanship that we endure each day.

Please feel free to make comments on any of the posts. Put them in your list of “important things to think about.”


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