Federalist Papers – Essay #59

In Essay #59, Concerning the Power of Congress to Regulate the Election of Members, Alexander Hamilton argues for a balance between the states and the national government to select members of Congress – that states control the election of Senators and the national government controls the election of members of the House of Representatives.

Hamilton illustrates the importance of federalism in the American system of government. The states and the union share power. They are not entirely distinct from one another, but, in certain respects, interdependent.

Credit for the summary and analysis of Essay #59 is given to Brittany Nelson and Christopher Higgins (second revision 09/15/2011). Weinbloom, Elizabeth ed. “The Federalist Papers Essay #59 Summary and Analysis”. GradeSaver, 30 December 2011 Web. 15 February 2019.

You can read a summary and analysis of Essay #59 by clicking HERE.

You can read the entire text of Essay #59 by clicking HERE.

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